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Elite Training Enterprises

Kathleen has partnered with Leif Becker in Elite Training Enterprises, blending their unique styles and abilities to lead exciting Leadership Coaching workshops for forward-looking corporations. 


We believe that PEOPLE are the greatest asset of any organization, and that the only way to achieve maximum performance is to unlock EACH PERSON'S hidden human potential.

Elite Training Enterprises translates the MOTIVATION AND TRAINING SECRETS of a WORLD CHAMPION for YOUR TEAM to increase productivity, improve self-confidence, unleash their inner leader, and ignite their performance!

Elite Training Enterprises' revolutionary "Circle to Mastery", created by a World Champion, is a proven system that will guide your team - from where they are to where they want to be - thereby creating happier team members who are more productive, create more revenue and profit, and be more effective leaders.    

Business Well-Being = Effective Leadership + Revenue Generation +  Increased Productivity.


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Leif's amazing energy, passion and dynamic stage presence create a shared experience that is life-changing and delivers tangible and lasting results.

Although Leif is recognized as an elite athlete and multiple world record holder for the martial arts he is all about business. That business is the business of helping individuals and organizations break through the barriers that keep them from achieving their ultimate goals.

With the mindset of an elite athlete and the strategies of a board room director Leif delivers vital information to any company looking to grow. He will help your team break through the challenges and barriers that stand in the way of achieving their full business potential.