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A recent “empty nester” herself, she guides her clients experiencing life transitions – such as starting a new career, launching a second career, empty nesting, retiring, or losing loved ones – to more joyful and fulfilled lives. Kathleen’s approach focuses on clear communication, personal empowerment, and warm, supportive coaching interventions.

As a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years following a corporate career in healthcare, Kathleen also helps professionals at all stages of their careers achieve greater success and harmony in their personal relationships and work lives. Kathleen also conducts unique and fruitful leadership sessions with entrepreneurs, franchise owners and business owners to help them to achieve clarity and elevate their businesses.

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Kathleen is an associate at Sound Health & Wellness in East Haven, Connecticut. Sound Health & Wellness offers a range of Primary and Complementary Alternative Services that address your unique needs. With individualized intensive treatments, you can heal both body and mind.

For more information about services offered at Sound Health & Wellness visit www.shealthandwellness.com